The Property Investment Journey

Our story begins in 2016 when Mitesh was looking into purchasing buy-to-let’s to increase the family’s portfolio. The prospects provided from brokers and estate agencies were excellent on paper with yields 8 – 12% and with discounts up to 25%. The options seemed greater than he’s expectations however when it came down to real figures and specifications, the opportunities did not work out at all.
With previous experiences in property sales and development in London, Mitesh started to source deals direct with vendors and negotiations commenced. Within a 3 months there were 10 deals which the family would’ve chosen. The top deal was chosen and the other 9 were passed on to friends who were either 1st time buyers or property investors. Due to family and friends acquiring great returns the story spread and due to demand MAJORIS was created.


At MAJORIS our enjoyment & success comes from multiplying your hard-earned capital. We specialise in BMV buy-to-let’s UK nationwide and tailored 360° portfolio management. Our services combined delivers results in short term capital appreciation and long term rental cash flow ‘passively’ enabling our clients to enjoy moments in life that matter.

The ° Team